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Padel & Sauna Package (2 Tim)
Padel court and Sauna for 4 people

You start with a match in Padel, then you step into a wood-fired sauna barrel

to enjoy a few beers together, Cold beer is served in an ice-filled "Beer-Bucket"

Price: 65 € incl. 8 beer

Padelbana & Bastu

With us you can book Padel and Sauna.


Padel track:
The paddle course is from before, here you play on classic concrete as a base.

Simply as before :)



Weekdays 10-21.00

10 € / 90 min

Weekend 10 € / hour


4 pcs Racket and ball

10 €



Padel is always played twice, i.e. four players per course.


Points are counted as in tennis i.e. 15, 30, 40 and game. At 40-40 equal, the game must be won with two ball wins.

A paddle match usually consists of the best of three sets. A set is won by the one who first reaches 6 games. Set win must be at least 6-4 or there will be a tiebreak.


Serving is done from below at or below waist height.

The first serve takes place to the right and then to the left square and then the serve is alternated to the different squares. The ball is bounced behind the line before serving between the 10 cm line and the wall and is then hit over the net to the opponent's diagonal box.

When serving, the ball must be hit at the height of the hip or lower. The ball can bounce in the glass, but if the ball hits the net, the serve is judged to be wrong.

The receiver of the serve can play the ball before or after the serve hits the glass. After the receiver of the serve has played over the serve, the entire surface is in play on each side of the net.

Two services are possible.

The game:

The ball must never be hit directly into the opponent's walls, but must always hit the floor first.

You get to hit the ball on a volley or after bounces.

You can let the ball hit the glass walls (after bouncing on the floor) and hit it back before bouncing a second time.

You can also hit the ball in your own glass wall to get it over to the opponent's side.

The point is lost

If the ball bounces twice on your side, or a player is hit by the ball.

If you hit the ball directly into the opponent's walls without first hitting the floor.

If the ball hits the grid before returning.

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